How to Accept Credit Card Payments with NO Processing Fees


Following are problems with existing payment processors (whether fee or no-fee based) when you try to accept credit

Thousands in Fees

Some payment processors charge YOU between 2.9% – 4.3% or more to process a typical VISA transaction. If your company processes $1 million in revenue, it cost you $29,000 in fees (at the lowest rate). Ouch!!

Most don’t even provide no-fee options (where the fee is absorbed by the customer).

Only a few payment options

Many offer standard credit cards – but they don’t process debits, 3rd party ACH, or international credit cards. Many don’t integrate with the latest systems when trying to accept credit. They also cannot help with quick cash flow – no financial services

Hard to Contact

When you’ve got issues, some are hard to get help—no live chat, limited phone support, no in-app help (have to find the “secret” contact info (think Amazon or Jet Blue)).

Price Gouging

And then there are the HIGH rates—think about the $29,000 processing fees!

The BIG Question

So, how do you drastically reduce your processing fees, ensure you can take ANY payment type, make sure the processing works with ALL your systems, get the best help (including financial services) if there is ever a problem—and make sure you have the minimal rates (even if you go with the fees model) when you want to accept credit?

Perhaps you should consider…


Pair Payments


  • Ironclad security, Never (ever) been breached
  • 1st to invent tokenization – Over 25 years in business
  • Awards include Vendor Award of Excellence and Shopping Cart Provider of the Year, Electronic Merchant of the Year
    • Over 200,000 customers, including

accept credit

Best Solution

There are five main reasons to consider Pair Payments

  1. BEST No-Fee Processing
  2. The MOST Payment Options
  3. BEST Integration Options
  4. The MOST Financial Services
  5. Industry’s BEST Support

Plus, the Price Performance Leader

Let’s consider each of these in detail

1. BEST No-Fee Processing to Accept Credit

Pair Payments is the leader in no-fee credit card processing–Plus…

  • No Fee Processing. The processing fee is paid by the customer at the time of the transaction.
  • At-Cost PCI Compliance Fee. Others charge $19.95 to $29.95 per month (and up to $129 if there is any non-compliance). Pair Payments passes along an unmarked compliance fee of only $6.95 (paid $79 annually), and handles the compliance process for you (most hate dealing with it).
  • No Contracts. Others lock you into a 1-3 year contract, but there are no contracts with Pair Payments No Fee Processing. You have nothing to risk.
  • Free Equipment & Software. Credit card processing equipment and software (including EMV terminals for card and phone “tap” processing) during the time of engagement.

2. MOST Payment Options to Accept Credit

Pair Payments includes all the popular payment options, including credit and debit cards, 3rd party ACH, EMV, Apple, Samsung, and Google Pay, next and same-day funding, phone sales, plus more. Plus, several options are only available from a select group of processors:

How to accept credit payments

  • Cross Border Funding. Funding Customers and business owners located in different countries (very few processors can do this). You don’t need credit processors in each country, with their associated individual fees, and you have a single-source resolution (excellent if you have a chain that crosses geographic borders).
  • Native POS. One-stop shop to get the software, payment processing, and equipment. So all integration is done, and you don’t bounce around troubleshooting with multiple companies—the buck stops here.
  • Built-in Shopping Cart. Your shopping cart is integrated, so there is no cost for the software, conversions, or any additional services—saving you hundreds each month. You get native POS hybrid software installed on-site and in the cloud.
  • EMV Ready Terminals. Accept payments from EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa to process any card with EMV via phone or card to “tap” or insert.
  • Third-Party ACH. Accept checks remotely using verbal check routing info or scanning in a physical check. Allows you to deposit checks without having to go to the bank.

3. BEST Integration Options

Pair Payments provides APIs, built-in PCI Compliant level-1 security, detailed integrated reporting, plus…

  • Access to the MOST integrations. With over 500 API Integrations you can easily connect your payment processing with your operations software—ensuring ultimate compatibility.
  • Omni Channel Technology. Process of accepting multiple payment options, integrated into a single consistent experience for your customers. This includes everything from credit cards to digital wallets and instant bank transfers.
  • Sandbox Testing. You can test your system offline to confirm it is working before going live—ensuring you are not public with embarrassing mistakes.
  • Referral Monetization. Includes a built-in affiliate/referral system so you can recruit and pay referral partners (i.e. send us a lead, have them mention your name—they get rewarded).
  • Software Development ToolKit. Collection of software development tools (compiler, debugger, and software framework) to facilitate the creation of applications. Making custom development easier—if ever needed.

4. The MOST Financial Services

In addition to payment processing, Pair Payments provides unique unsecured financing (term loans, bridge loans, SBA Loans), when you need help fast. Allows you to leverage inventory promotions, hire seasonal help, and upgrade your POS, not typically accessible quickly from other sources.

accepting credit payments

  • Equipment Financing. Providing financing for equipment, software, and vehicles. No fees other than % interest. Easy approval (based on processing numbers).
  • Business Lending. Fast and reliable non-collateral loans. Repay with a share of your historic sales.
  • Same Day Approval. So you know you’ll have the funds available quickly.
  • Next Day Funding. Allow you to access funds within a single business day.
  • Lines of Credit. Preset borrowing limits that can be tapped into anytime.

Industry’s BEST Support

Pair Payments delivers the industry’s best U.S.-based, live agent multi-lingual customer support, along with 24/7 technical support.

  • Live Chat. Chat with a “real” human, not a chatbot.
  • Single Point of Contact. Enjoy the convenience of a single contact (versus calling multiple companies) to service your account, hardware, and software.
  • On-site Local Techs. Award-winning field technicians are available for installation and set-up on-site.
  • Dedicated Product Support. A product support agent is assigned exclusively to your account and can help directly, or quickly escalate to an expert support technician.
  • Mobile Management. Access your processing back-end from a computer, or remotely from a phone or tablet.

Plus, the Price Performance LEADER

pay with ach

Pair Payments offers options for No Fee Processing with flat rate pricing, 2-day funding, and low rates on check processing.

  • No Monthly Contracts. Unlike others that require a 1-5 year commitment, you are not locked into a long-term agreement.
  • Free Checking. Pair Payments cover the cost of your ACH checking which saves you money on processing checks ($1.00 per check covers our cost, or ½ percent if over $2,500).
  • Lowest Card Fees for In-person or Remote. No fees for processing cost anything. If fee-based, then .30% above cost plus 10 cents per transaction)—most are .4 % and 15 cents (except Stripe .6% and 30 cents).

Picture This to Accept Credit

Your OLD life

  • You paid THOUSANDS in fees (like your family doesn’t need a new car or braces?)
  • You only had a few payment options
    • That international VISA wouldn’t even process (hate to make sales difficult)
  • You wanted a new POS system—but your processor didn’t support it (so you’re stuck with old tech)
  • You had a chance to pick up massively discount inventory, or staff up for the Super Bowl lanes—but you couldn’t get an unsecured loan quickly enough
  • Your system went down—and there was no quick phone support (so you watched potential customers walk out)

Life sucks (like a Kirby vacuum cleaner)

You NEW life

This time you switched to PAIR Payments!

  • You had thousands in extra cash at the end of the month (where do you want to take your family on vacation?)
  • A bus load of Peruvians pulled up—not a problem processing everything
  • And your new system integrated in seconds (especially using the built-in POS)
  • You had a problem… once. But a 30-second phone call cleared it up immediately.
  • And again, the cost was LOW, LOW, LOW – you keep more of what’s yours!

Life is GOOD

What’s Next?

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